UPDATED 25th April 2008

Three West London Maps - from 2008, 1920 and c.1805. Use the slider to move between them and blend backwards and forwards in time. This visualises a rapidly changing landscape - typical of most of London between these dates.

As you pass through the era when the Chiswick Empire existed (1912-1959) you will see it flicker on its site by Turnham Green - and if you stop the slider in the era or click the slider anytime in that era its image will grow to be viewed. Click on the Empire to switch audio on/off.

The red dot is Hogarth's House, which was present at the time all three maps were produced. Click on the dot to bring up a photo. You can leave the photo on if you like while you move the slider back and forwards between the three maps. Click on the red dot again to remove the photo.

The blue dot is Duke's Avenue. Click on the dot to bring up two photos that morph in and out of each other from the twentieth and nineteenth century, accompanied by sounds of children playing from the 19th century. Click on the blue dot again to remove the experience.